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The biggest mistakes

  • Not having a professional profile picture

    A professional picture is one of the simplest things you can do to boost both your business and personal profiles

  • Using a Basic Headline

    Your LinkedIn headline is included almost anywhere you post. Make a big impact with it.

  • Using Website Links Ineffectively

    Use this structure for your 3 links: (I) Direct link to your company page (II) Link to a company page specific to you. (III) Link to a blog or personal site.

  • Using the Default LinkedIn URL

    LinkedIn offers the option to customise your URL. This is the perfect way to professionalise your brand.

  • Not Having a Call to Action

    People can be reluctant to reach out to someone they don’t know. So invite them and show them how to.


    Use your 2,000 characters to tell your story. Attention grabber, followed by Company Branding, Professional Branding, Personal Branding and Call To Action.


    You don’t want your company brand to be bland. Don’t let your personal brand be bland. Stand up. Stand out. And draw the right sort of attention you need.

  • Not completing your work experience

    Remember, keywords count and history shows credibility.

  • Only communicating in one language

    Remember to make your profile available in multiple languages.


    Include presentations, white papers, interviews, onboarding videos, articles or press releases directly on your profile.

  • Failing to Use Keywords

    If you want to passively generate interest in your company, then it’s crucial that you make good use of keywords.

  • Not Having a LinkedIn Strategy

    You need to think commercially with LinkedIn and treat it as a serious platform for doing business.

  • Not Providing Any Case Studies

    A case study shows off how you operate and gives examples of the results you bring.

  • Poor LinkedIn Hygiene

    Every member of your company who uses LinkedIn on behalf of your business needs to come together to form a united front.

  • No Thought Leadership Content

    You need blogs, videos and updates that offer users value. People buy from those they trust.


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