How Well Does Your LinkedIn Profile Perform For You?

Have you ever wondered why some people manage to generate great business and connections on LinkedIn and others don't? How well are you doing? Complete our unique test and get unique answers for free.

1. Do you have a recent, professionally taken profile picture photo?

2. Would you like a professionally taken profile picture?

3. Does your Headline clearly explain what you do?

4. Does your Headline include your current job title?

5. Does your profile summary show the value you give organisations you’re a part of?

6. Have you included at least one Project on your profile?

7. What industry do you work in?

8. Do you have a background cover image for your profile?

9. Are you interested in getting a professionally developed cover image?

10. Have you included a call to action on your profile summary?

Call to action examples:

  • Call or email to get a free quote
  • Download my free ebook or case study
  • Visit my website at [yourcompanywebsite]
  • Watch this video
  • Connect with me and send me a message

11. Does your profile include case studies or ebooks?

12. Are you interested in getting a case study or ebook created for your profile?

13. Does your profile include videos or audio recordings?

14. Are you interested in using videos and/or audio recordings on your profile?

15. Does your profile include slide shows or reports?

16. Are you interested in getting a report or slide show presentation created?

17. Have you listed a preferred method of contact on your profile? Phone? Email? Or something else?

18. What method have you included?

19. How many Recommendations do you have for your current job title?

20. Would you like personalised help getting more Recommendations?

21. How many skill endorsements do you have on your profile?

22. How many 1st degree level connections do you have?

23. Are you interested in developing a strategy for getting more connections?

24. Do you have a clearly defined strategy for connecting with people on LinkedIn? (ie: you know who you want to connect with and how you’re going to find them)?

25. Would you like help with improving your LinkedIn strategy?

26. On average, how many connection requests do you send per week?

27. If someone in your target audience sends you an invitation to connect, do you send them back a thank you message with information about how you can help him/her?

28. How often do you message your LinkedIn connections?

29. How many LinkedIn groups are you a member of?

30. On average, do you contribute or get involved in discussions in any LinkedIn groups you’re a member of?

31. In any given week, how often would you post a status update to your network?

32. How many likes, comments, or shares does each status updates get on average?

33. Do you typically engage with people in your network by commenting, sharing or ‘liking’ at least five status updates?

34. Do you currently have at least one saved Advanced People Search?

35. Do you know how to use Sales Navigator to find ideal leads for your company?

36. Would you like to learn how to use Sales Navigator to find good leads for your company?

37. How many leads do you generate per week usually on LinkedIn?

38. Would you like to learn how to generate leads using LinkedIn?

39. Do you have a clear process for generating leads and customers on LinkedIn?

40. Would you like help getting more leads and customers on LinkedIn?

41. When viewing your ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile List’, how often do you send people who viewed your profile a connection request or message?

42. Do you publish at least one long form article on your profile each month?

43. How many hours per week would you spend on LinkedIn?

What’s Your Score?

0 - 50

It’s likely you’re new to LinkedIn and don’t quite fully realise how powerful the platform can be in advancing your career, building your network, or growing your business. We recommend you start with a LinkedIn Profile Analysis, as your LinkedIn profile is the key foundation to your success using the platform.

51 - 80

You’ve got a solid foundation for success in place. Now, you need to identify the areas where you need to improve on -likely to be parts of your profile or the activities you engage in on LinkedIn before you can take that next step of growth.


81 - 110

You are part of the top echelon of LinkedIn users. It’s clear that you’re aware of LinkedIn potential to help you advance your own or your company’s goals. The next step is to focus on dialling in on your ideal target audience and really connecting with them. You may also need to make some minor strategic changes to your profile.




Congrats! You’re clearly one of the few LinkedIn users who have mastered the platform. You’ve likely got a premium account and know how to use LinkedIn like the back of your hand. We assume that you’ve got many quantifiable results you could share with co-workers and others detailing your success on the platform. Your next best course of action is to address the areas from above where you didn’t get a top score and fine tune them to amplify your current results.

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