Caleb Storkey, Founder of Gett Social is passionate to see people live incredibly and committed to big ideas that change the world. International keynote speaker and award winning author. Working in digital transformation, we help people and organisations communicate their purpose. The below publications have helped shape our ethos.


85% of all digital transformation projects fail. With all the change that businesses are going through, Caleb Storkey and Minter Dial map out the mindset that is needed for leaders to be Futureproof. We need a new Chief Mindset Office, who knows how to work collaborative, take responsibility and develop work that is meaningful.

How do leaders Futureproof themselves and their businesses? Branding, and storytelling are key components in this. It’s essential that people do stand out and are aligned with their skill-set and then know how to communicate that internally and externally to stakeholders. The application to this principle is helping people align with their strengths and develop Futureproof personal profiles.


‘How To Really Use LinkedIn’, co-written with Mike Clark and Bert Verdonck is now available in its third edition. The book covers the true benefits of LinkedIn, and how it relates to corporate Talent Acquisition, Employee Management, Social Recruiting, Social Selling, and Senior Executive Branding. It’s a blueprint for how businesses need to utilise the platform to truly be a social business.

Having trained and worked with businesses extensively, our work is based on years of experience of running successful campaigns.

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