10 Mindblowing Social Networking Facts that Show the Power of LinkedIn

10 Mind-blowing Social Networking Facts That Show The Power Of LinkedIn

10 Mind-blowing Social Networking Facts That Show The Power Of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is without argument, the core hub for business to business professionals and an essential tool for anyone looking to expand their network and increase their influence.

Having trained thousands of large multinationals, small companies and startups, we constantly get asked questions about LinkedIn. Is it all just spammy messages? Has the platform lost its edge since Microsoft bought it? Are numbers of users still going up? To help you see where the strengths of LinkedIn lie and to give insights into its growth, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most impressive facts about LinkedIn.

1. LinkedIn Is Aiming To Reach 3 Billion Users

Right now, LinkedIn has a user base of just over 560 million. Not bad eh? It’s ultimate goal is to reach 3 billion users or 40% of the world’s current population.  

After being acquired by Microsoft in 2016, LinkedIn has gained over 100 million users each year. At this current rate, it would take 25 years to reach its goal. However, Facebook managed to reach 2.3 billion users in only 9 years. To date, LinkedIn has managed to stay on the good side of our trust without misusing our data. 

Whatever the number of users LinkedIn does reach, there is a good reason to believe it is a platform worth investing your time in.  

10 Mindblowing Social Networking Facts that Show the Power of LinkedIn

2. 46% Of Social Traffic To Company Websites Comes From LinkedIn

Whether it’s a future client, users looking for career opportunities or just admirers of a business – some measures have shown that nearly half of a company’s social web traffic is directed there by LinkedIn.

This isn’t entirely surprising. LinkedIn pages rank well in search engines, and often better than smaller companies own homepages. It’s one of the main hubs for recruiters and job hunters. Even though Facebook has more users, those users aren’t primarily on a platform designed to reach businesses.

3. There Are 61 million Senior-level Influencers On LinkedIn

LinkedIn has an impressively large user base but your main focus should be on who that user base is and why they are on LinkedIn. A huge chunk of LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers.

These are the people who can make important decisions about who to hire, which suppliers they use and which external businesses they partner with. These are people you most probably would love to know how to reach and set up meetings with. We can help.

4. LinkedIn Is The Most Used Social Media Platform For Business-to-business Marketers

In a world filled with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more, LinkedIn reigned supreme when it came to leveraging social media. 92% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn in comparison to other platforms.

And why wouldn’t they? If your target audience is B2B, then the hit-ratio with LinkedIn is going to be higher. No matter how large other platforms are or how many features they boast, they don’t have the same reach, and accessibility of LinkedIn.

10 Mindblowing Social Networking Facts that Show the Power of LinkedIn

5. 77% Of All Available Jobs Are Posted On LinkedIn

If a job vacancy is being posted online, then it’s likely to be posted on LinkedIn. 77% of available jobs are posted on LinkedIn in some form. And of all those vacancies, 48% are not posted on any other social media platform.

This is important data for job hunters but perhaps even more important for recruiters. LinkedIn has for years now been a core tool for recruiters. Where some Artifical Intelligence tools help streamline other stages of the filtering of job applications with video interviews, and Blockchain solutions have the potential to disrupt this space, LinkedIn currently still plays a dominant role in this space. 

6. 75% Of LinkedIn Members Earn More Than $50K A Year

With over 560 million users and 75% of them earning at least $50K a year, it’s safe to say that LinkedIn is home to a huge percentage of the world’s highest earners.

If you’re trying to target high-earners and big influencers, then LinkedIn is one of your safest bets as a starting place. 41% of millionaires claim to be using LinkedIn.

7. The LinkedIn Feed Gets 9 Billion Impressions A Week

LinkedIn’s feed, made up of adverts, updates and content get 9 billion impressions a week.

However, only 3 million users are sharing content every week. That means there is an enormous amount of potential when it comes to getting content seen. Since being taken over by Microsoft, LinkedIn has been quickly shaped to become one of the internet’s premier content platforms.   

8. There Are 20 million LinkedIn Users In The UK

There are roughly 30 million people in work in the UK. With over 21 million LinkedIn users in the UK, that’s a huge percentage of the working population. 

If you began to subtract workers who don’t use the internet and professions that may not value social media, then it’s easy to see why most people you are likely to want to reach are on LinkedIn.

9. Companies That Post Content On LinkedIn Get 3X As Much Traffic

Companies that posted over 16 blogs or articles on LinkedIn ended up getting 4.5X as many leads and 3.5X as much traffic as companies that didn’t. This speaks well to just how powerful LinkedIn has become.

If you are planning to use content and blogging to increase your search engine ranking, then make sure you publish effectively on LinkedIn as well. You’ll be targeting professionals directly and taking advantage of LinkedIn’s natural search engine ranking.

10 Mindblowing Social Networking Facts that Show the Power of LinkedIn

10. LinkedIn Is Used In Over 200 Countries And Territories Around The World

Looking to expand the geographical limits of your business? LinkedIn is widely used in over 200 countries and territories around the world. With 197 countries in the world, that is incredibly impressive coverage. Almost impossible… we’re not quite sure how they define countries and territories, but let’s just say it’s a global company without trying to work out the extra’s they’ve created ;). 

Connecting with freelancers, manufacturers, and innovators from around the world is a lot easier thanks to LinkedIn.

Conclusion: Social Networking Facts That Will Change How You See LinkedIn

LinkedIn is growing in both size and influence. By looking at some of the bigger numbers, we can see how powerful LinkedIn has become when it comes to connecting with other professionals and getting your content seen by the right people.

The site is here to stay. How are you going to make the best use of it? 

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